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Customer Services

Vehicle Inspections


Wondering if your fleet is still serviceable or if the vehicles are worthy of the budget investment? EV Tech can perform inspections looking at wear, safety and current applications to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your company.

Scheduled Maintenance


During maintenance EV Tech does more than just check the buttons and switches. We diligently measure and track your vehicle wear items to determine their future condition. This way we know we will have the parts on hand when the time comes for replacement, so you don't have to wait for parts to arrive.

Repair Services


Don't just select parts because they are cheapest.  EV Tech will choose the best part that fits your vehicle based on OEM requirements.  Did you know you should never replace just one battery in a pack?

Operator Training


As staff rollovers occur more frequently, are your new operators trained on their vehicles? Do they understand the care and operator level maintenance required? Are they operating in the safest manner?  EV Tech can perform onsite operator training with your staff.

Fleet Management


Not sure what is going on with your vehicle fleet?  Once  EV Tech steps in to perform service and maintenance, we monitor the vehicle for wear items or other potential modes of failure so we can recommend the best course of action BEFORE an issue grounds part of your fleet.

Site Surveys


Don't just purchase new vehicles for your fleet, make sure they are the correct vehicles that meets YOUR needs.  EV Tech can evaluate your site (topography, specific applications, and operator comfort levels) and recommend the best products and configurations to help ensure that what you buy is what you need!

OEM Services


Manufacturer Technical Services and Support

Having issues with Service costs, Technical Publications and Support training? Many firms are finding greater success in productivity through outsourcing of tasks which perhaps require just less than a full time employee. Why pay an hourly wage and all the extra benefits for project or task oriented duties which are consistently pushed to the wayside?

That's where EV Technical Services can help. With our dedicated effort in completing your project or watching over your customer for you, your firm is able to focus on increasing your new business instead of scrambling to support some of the tasks which are not where your focus of sourced income needs to be.

Dedicated On Site Service and Maintenance

EV Tech can have a dedicated service technician assigned to your electric utility vehicle fleet to perform contracted service, warranty repairs or maintenance under your direction.  Our mission is to serve as your designated representative to your customer, demonstrating your continued customer oriented goals. 

Whether you sold vehicle direct, through a network of dealers, through GSA Contract or the US Communities program, EV Tech can step in and provide the service you need.

Technical Writing

Having troubles keeping up with product changes affecting publications? We can step in and author your Operator, Parts or Service Manuals while working with your engineering and safety teams to make sure the finished product meets with your expectations.

Technical Training

EV Tech can step in and conduct on site technical training to your network of dealers or end users. Understanding today's electric vehicles can be complicated and continued training is key to your customers' satisfaction.

Why We Do It

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), EV Technical Services is there to continue a lifetime practice of providing service and support to others who believe in the American ideal of hard work and commitment to a mission.

Because EV Tech is focused on service, our mission is to help keep your vehicle operating in the field, not simply to sell more.  The first sale is simple but the next will depend on how well you take care of the customer.